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April 13, 2004

Two letters to the editor

The follwing two letters to Toronto Star's editor caught my attention today. I thought to share them with you.

Image from Iraq just like Vietnam, by Trong-Bich Ho, Toronto:
The image of an American soldier fleeing a burning tank as his comrade lay wounded, is ghastly. It reminds me of my native country, Vietnam, and the massive destruction power of the American war machine. You cannot drop bombs on a hapless populace, prop up a puppet government, set up some chains of fast-food restaurants and cinemas, call it democracy and ram it down other people's throat.
What a tragedy and injustice for the Americans whose sons and daughters had to die by the very bullets supplied to Saddam Hussein's regime by the United States. Those Donald Rumsfeld nows calls Iraqi armed thugs, had been called freedom fighters not long ago when he went to Baghdad to shake the hand of his former buddy, Saddam.

Rice sold her soul to support Bush, by Tom Rominger, Toronto:
"I was appalled to see the word ``warrior" attributed to Condoleezza Rice, blazoned across the front page of your paper. As a liberal, fair-minded United States citizen, I have other words to describe Rice. Last year she sold her African-American soul to the Republican party, the day she publicly voiced her support of George W. Bush's platform to weaken affirmative action programs. Not only does Bush's plan reduce advancement opportunities for African-Americans, it also promotes racial segregation in American schools. From a person who would so easily sell out her own people and experience to support the president, why should we believe any of what she has to say now?"

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