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May 23, 2004

Yes Mr. Lapid, you've got that right

The Israeli justice minister has infuriated cabinet colleagues by saying the army offensive in Gaza reminded him of his family's woes in World War II.
Yosef Lapid said a TV picture of an elderly Palestinian woman in the rubble reminded him of his grandmother.... . In an interview with Israel Defence Forces radio, Mr Lapid revealed that the army was considering demolishing another 2,000 homes in Rafah to widen the so-called Philadelphi road on the border with Egypt. Referring to the TV picture, Mr Lapid said he was "talking about an old woman crouching on all fours, searching for her medicines in the ruins of her house and that she made me think of my grandmother".
"I said that if we carry on like this, we will be expelled from the United Nations and those responsible will stand trial at The Hague," Mr Lapid told Israel radio, describing his argument in cabinet.
Yes Mr. Lapid, you are right, but don't take it back. What Isreali government has done to Palestinians, hasn't been much more humane that what the Nazis did to millions including Jews in 30's and early 40's.

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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