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July 30, 2006

Israel has declared war on humanity

To those jerks who say Israel does not deliberately kill civilians:

More than 54 civilians, at least 34 of them children, die in Lebanon in Israel's deadliest strike of the conflict.
Who cares if this is deliberate or not (although I do believe it is), the fact is that these casualties are direct results of barbaric and massive bombarments of the civilian populated areas. I wish I could spit on the faces of each one of you bastards.

May God have mercy on the children. They came here to escape the fighting - Qana survivor.
Imagine! They had come to escape the fighting...
All these Israeli barabarism is just pushing me towards adapting the belief that Israel IS indeed a cancer tomour for humanity. The more these policies of Israel continue, the more this increasing anti-Israeli feeling will be shared by millions of people around the world. Perhaps, step by step, Israel is digging its own grave.

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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