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March 24, 2008

Racist to their bones; knowingly or un-knowingly

The above mosaic was taken from a "progressive" American site named The Huffington Post. It correctly reminds its readers about the American casualties of war and indicates those who are responsible for it. But even this so-called progressive American site does not touch on the fact that, as sad and tragic as it is, if these 4000 US soldiers who willingly travelled thousands of miles to another country to participate in the invasion of that country have been killed, there have also been more than a million innocent Iraqis, who did not choose the situation they were in, who have also been killed because of this criminal invasion.

How could they note 4000, but practically ignore over a million? Perhaps if they had included little squares for each of the casualties of this war, then the resolution of the mosaic would be much higher and it would be more imaginable (for those who are strangers to the concept of numbers) that the number of 4000 US casualties is insignificant compare to the number of dead Iraqis.

If the progressive Americans are so ignorant at best, and arrogant at worst, can be so racist, then what could be expected from other more ordinary Americans? Really!


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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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