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June 20, 2009

Iran is boiling! Beware of the foreign gifts to the regime.

Yes, Iran is at a critical point of its history. This may be the beginning of an end for the regime in Iran. Do I want them to fall in a violent way? I am not sure. But there is one thing I am sure about: they will not fall easily. I know that this would be very costly to the country and to my people.

The regime in Iran will not hesitate to commit any crime, any massacre of the public in order to be in power for a bit longer. There will be no limit to, to what extend they are willing to go in cracking down any voice of opposition. They are simply ruthless and will go as far as it takes regardless of the cost to people of Iran. My feeling says that they should go as fast as possible but hey, I am here in the other side of the world in Vancouver, Canada. It is easy for me to subscribe peoples' action against the regime. I'll be safe, but my people will not.

Perhaps one other option is for the regime to remain in power, but begin to fade out. This may have more gradual impact to the change, but at least fewer people will die.

Let me put it this way: If we agree that they do have their followers in the country. If we agree that, at least 5% of people are their followers. If we agree that from that 5%, 1% are true followers who act based on nothing but religious beliefs, and if we agree that when there is a question of religion, humanity takes the back seat, then we have to agree that 1% of the population: 700,000 dumb idiots will act fearlessly and will do anything to save their "religion"; anything! Even if that means killing thousands of people. Now, let's see how easy it is to kill! Imagine only one of these idiots, equipped with all kind of weapons decides to go to one of the busy parts of the city, take his weapons out and kill as many as possible. After all, he sees them all as the enemies of his religion who were not loyal to the leadership. Now, multiply this by 700,000. Too much? Ok! 500,000. No? Let’s say 50,000. Yes, they can devastate lives.

Having said this, I have to admit that we, who live in outside of the country have no right to tell the people in Iran how to deal with this regime. It will turn out that we are behind the people, by miles. Let them lead us. Let's only support what they choose to do.

It is a critical time and the regime has shown that they are very capable of using unpleasant events to their benefits. In first couple of years after the revolution, Iran was perhaps one of (If not the) most democratic countries in the world. Despite the wishes of the regime and its leaders, people kept pushing for their legitimate demands. But there was no crack down. There couldn't be. Until, Iraq (with the help and encouragement from most of the western countries) attacked Iran and the war began. That was nothing but a gift to the ever weakening regime to use the war as an excuse to crack down on peoples' rights and demands. In short, that war solidified the regime in Iran; other wise the regime would have been long gone by now (I have written about this before).

Now similar situation can do the same for the regime. There should be no doubt that religious rights, from all religions, feed each other in the time of need. This is despite their publicly opposing each other: Republicans in the US, Israeli regime and the regime in Iran. They have always helped each other (I have also written about this before). There should be no doubt that, for instance, Israel would love to see Ahmadinejad in power in Iran. This would allow Israel to put more pressure on the Obama's US to be harsher on Iran. Now, the nightmare will happen if Israel used the opportunity to attack Iran's, say, nuclear facilities. This will not kill the regime, but it will allow it to use it, just like what they did with Iraq war, to once agian consolidate their grip on power and crack down on people's rights. This is of course coupled with the unfortunate fact that such an attack can change priorities of many decent people as well and as a result, weaken the movement.

So, I am just hoping such an attack does not happen, otherwise, my country's prosperity will be once again delayed and who knows for how long. And then, I for one, will more than ever hate the criminal leaders.

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