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September 26, 2009

The West at the service of Israel..., Nothing new!

These days the installed Iranian president has been busy bullshiting again at the United Nations. Similar repeated bullshits to what he's been saying during his last 5 speeches at the UN. But what is more disgusting is the reaction of Western leaders.

I am sick and tired of hearing the western countries bitching about Ahmadinejad's comments about holocaust and/or bitching about Iran's nuclear activities.

As an Iranian, like majority of Iranians, these are not my immediate concerns; not even my second degree concerns. There are many other issues that are my main concerns; Violation of human rights and Iranian regime's fight against peoples' desire for democracy in Iran are my main concerns. I don't give a damn what he says about holocaust. The Zionists keep using it so much that it has become more like "holocaust industry", so to make sure no one dares to criticize Israel. And Ahmadinejad talks about it because he knows that by using it he can distract the world's attention from more tangible issues such as Iranian peoples' struggle against the regime. But what western countries do is nothing but kissing Israel's ass, again.

Let's say, the idiot fake president of Iran stops talking about Israel and holocaust, or even decides to become friend with Israel (another criminal and internationally hated regime); Let's say, the Iranian regime decides that Iran is stopping all its nuclear activities and is going to be friend with the rest of the world. Then what? Then, I am sure most of the concerns and conflicts with the west will go away. Why? Because western leaders don't give a damn about Iranian people and their struggle with this regime.

That's why nothing should be tied to Iran's policies towards Israel, holocaust and/or Iran's nuclear activities. Otherwise, west will once again exchange integrity with its interests and Western interests are not necessarily in line with Iranian peoples' basic interests. So in short, screw the west. Let's have our own way without relying on these bastards.

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