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March 16, 2004

In the memory of courageous Rachel Corrie

The courageous Jewish-American woman, Rachel Corrie was crushed to death by an Israeli army bulldozer on March 16, 2003 while trying to prevent demolition of a Palestinian house; America never really went after the killers. "Rachel's death was in fact only first of several Israeli attacks on foreign citizens in the West Bank and Gaza. Brian Avery, from New Mexico, was shot in the face on April 5; Tom Hurndall, a British citizen, was shot in the head on April 11 and died Jan. 13, and James Miller, another British citizen, was also shot and killed in April. To date, only in Hurndall's case will the Israeli soldier responsible for the attack face trial, and this is because the British government, after several months, finally responded to the overwhelming evidence presented by the Hurndall family."

"...When three Americans were killed, presumably by Palestinians, in an explosion on Oct. 15, 2003, as they traveled through Gaza, the FBI came within 24 hours to investigate the deaths. After one year, neither the FBI nor any other U.S.-led team has done anything to investigate the death of an American killed by an Israeli."

Since last year when she was killed, Rachel has been at the center of the most vicious attacks from those who are so stranger to humanity in general and the pro-Israeli bloggers in particular for the "guilt" of trying to protect civilians from the harms of the Israeli forces.

Please hold a minute of silence for this courageous woman who left the comfort of her home to protect those who needed protection from the armed-to-the-teeth Israeli military. Rachel will be remembered for her commitment to stop those who constantly terrorize the innocent people.

Also, visit the web-site dedicated to Rachel and read about US Campaign National Day of Action for Rachel Corrie .

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