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March 28, 2004

"US's care for world Human Rights": nothing but an ugly lie

Recently in this post, I mentioned about the experience of Canadian General Romeo Dellaire and the recent speech he had in Carleton University in Ottawa about the Rwanda genocide in 1994. Now, in tenth anniversary of that world community's failure that resulted in the terrifying death of 800,000 people in only 100 days, newly declassified documents show that the United States knew in advance that the 1994 Rwandan genocide was likely to happen but nevertheless insisted that United Nations peacekeepers should be withdrawn. Read here.

I feel sickened when the US leaders talk about humanity and human rights. I just feel sick of their ruthlessness and their ability to lie so easily. Everyday, it becomes more clear to me how hypocrite they are. Words cannot describe the dirt they carry in their resumes as the most powerful world leaders. I am sick of them.

Yes, as General Dellaire said, the response to his plea for help to save lives was that Rwanda had no strategic and economic value, so "we" wouldn't get involved.

And as far as the western media is concerned, we are still bombarded by the events of 60+ years ago and the crimes against the humanity that took place then, but no, no time for what happened recently to 800,000 people in Rwanda. Conservatively speaking, average American perhaps doesn't even know what Rwanda is. Thanks to the "democratic" media.

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