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May 28, 2004

Red Cross appeals for Haiti flood relief

Close to 1,000 people have been confirmed dead in the two countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic following flash floods brought on by torrential rains. Officials fear the death toll could rise to 2,000.
The Red Cross estimates that as many as 10,000 people urgently need food, drinking water and basic relief items.
Canadians wishing to make a financial donation may call 1-800-418-1111 or contact their local Canadian Red Cross office. The 24-hour toll free line accepts Visa and MasterCard. Cheques should be made payable to the Canadian Red Cross, earmarked "Dominican Republic/Haiti Floods" and mailed to Canadian Red Cross National Office, 170 Metcalfe Street, Suite 300, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 2P2. For information on how Red Cross manages donations, please visit Canadian Red Cross Society's Website. Donations of goods are not accepted. For more ionformation, call Suzanne Charest, Canadian Red Cross Tel: (613) 740-1928
Also Americans who wish to donate through American Red Corss, can obtain the information here, and donate online here.

P.S. Please provide any information if you have as to how people can assist.

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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