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June 01, 2004

How shameless! Israel wants Iraq to pay compensation

Israel looks set to pursue a compensation claim on behalf of Jews who left Iraq over 50 years ago, despite no such similar consideration for Palestinian refugees.

Tel Aviv has sent copies of over 800 documents to Washington – not Baghdad - in a bid to claim compensation for Israeli citizens who "were forced to abandon their property".
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Can you believe it? Can you believe how shameless they are? This is the same country that has forced millions of Palestinians out of their lands. This is the same country that has oppressed, restricted, humiliated and killed Palestinians for decades.... .

However, I think if this is true about Iraqi Jews, it is juts fair that they should be compensated to their complete satisfaction, and they should even have the option of returning to Iraq if they wish. BUT DON'T YOU THINK THE SAME SHOULD APPLY TO THE PALESTINIANS WHO WERE FORCED OUT OF THEIR LANDS BY THE ISRAELIS?

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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