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January 25, 2005

Does Israel really want peace?

There has been some light seen at the end of tunnel in Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

New Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas has been negotiation with the militant hardline groups to halt attacks on Israel and the negotiations have been going very well. For example, militant groups have offered Israel truce and Anti-Israeli violence has dropped sharply since talks began between the Palestinian leader and militant groups. Abbas has also deployed Palestinians troops along with the Israeli borders to stop attacks on the Israelis.

Now that everything is going much better than expected, Israel has once again started its traditional provocation. This time, by restarting the construction of its apartheid wall which was suspended for about four months.

What can you read out of all this? This is nothing but disarming Mahmoud Abbas in his hard efforts to bring peace and quiet, so the peace negotiations could start. This provocation from Israel can easily result in alienating Abbas as it was the case with Arafat. This will sure make it more difficult for Abbas to convince militants that peace and non-violence is the only way to achieve Palestinian state. This is something that can spark the violence the Israel seems to be craving for in order to continue its criminal aggression against the Palestinians.

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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