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April 25, 2005

In love

Just look at them. Hand in hand, almost lips on lips, just like re-united lovers. Well, there truly are many reasons for these two to love each other. They have many "qualities" in common. They are both ultra-rich. They are both stupid. They are both criminals. They both have no regards for human life, human rights and human dignity.

Looks like we are easily forgetting that under the rule of Saudi's Crown Prince Abdullah, the lover in the right, there are heads that are chopped, there are hands that are cut for offenses such as stealing and there are many other abuses of human rights talking place. We are forgetting that I Saudi Arabia, women practically don't exist as they have no power what so ever. They can't vote. They can't even drive as they are not allowed to have driver's license. But to George Bush and his pathetic gang, these are all ok as long as "the Prince" remains a "friend". By the way, wasn't it Iraq which was accused of staging the September 11 attacks? This was one of the biggest excuses for the US to attack Iraq. Wasn't it? And Is it not a fact that there was not even one single member of the group which carried out the attacks from Iraq? Oh by the way, were most of the attackers not be citizens of Saudi Arabia? The same country whose ruler is in such love affair with the corporate puppet residing in Washington?


While we are at it, why not look at the Timeline of business connection between Bush family and the Saudi Royal family (and the Bin Laden family)? When on the page, click on "The Saudi Connection".

Hey, you will find much more in the above link.

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