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April 02, 2005

The death of Terry Schiavo and Iraq war

Terry Schiavo, a terminally sick woman with no hope for any improvement, has finally been freed from her suffering. Many people wanted her "alive" without considering whether she would want to remain the way she was. Many people wanted her "alive" eventhough she was only suffering from this worse-than-death "living". Perhaps her parents would even be happy to have her in the same state of "health" as long as she was alive, as long as they could see her everyday, as long as she was there so they wouldn't have to "miss" her, but for Terry, there was no such a thing as missing anybody, or seeing anybody. There couldn't be such a thing for her as she was brain-dead. She could feel no emotions, she could feel no closeness to anybody, she could feel no love, no family and no nothing, except suffering. This scenario has been, perhaps, nothing but a selfish one-way street on her parents' part.

On a broader case, the issue of Terry Schiavo has become a serious case that has caused mobilization of the US mass-media and rightwing ultra religious Americans and their "pro-life" Republicans in the Congress and their less-than-idiot president, to scream on "her behalf" that she wants to and she has to "live". They have screamed to show how much they "value" life. They have screamed to say how "human" they are. They have screamed.. .

But in the show of the ultimate hypocrisy, the same "caring" people are the ones who have been cheering for a war that has terminated the lives of tens of thousands of people in Iraq, and still does. The same people have cheered for this war regardless of the fact that if Terry Schiavo was a sick and suffering woman, tens of thousands of Iraqis, especially Iraqi children, were having their lives with their families, and perhaps with the joy of being with their families, before the bombs of "civilization" began falling on them. The same people who, by re-electing the same gang, have just provided another opportunity to the criminals in the White House to continue their anti-human and warmongering policies and to continue to kill. The same president, who woke up at One O'clock in the morning to put his signature on a piece of paper to give "another" opportunity to Terry's parents to take their case to another level of the US courts while their daughter continued suffering, is responsible for destroying the lives of so many people in Iraq; the same president who should be tried for the crimes he has committed against the humanity, the same president who has been so stupid, in part, to let others decide for him and so heartless in part for being so cruel and for ignoring the fact that his war policies has brought death and destruction and nothing more; the same president which is a disgrace to humanity,... Yes, the same people and the same president are now screaming in favour of "preserving life".

In what is happening in the US today, one of the main unhumanist factors has been the rightwing ultra Christianity who is not capable of seeing the forest but only a leaf and has been a combination of naiveness and stupidity on part of many rightwing religious people on the ground, and opportunism from many of the so-called law-makers in the US governing system. What a sick culture this is, or is this Culture of Life or Culture of Living Death?

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