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September 06, 2005

Not so fast! What's the rush?

Several of the ex-president's closest aides will also face trial with him, on charges relating to the massacre of 143 Shias in a town north of Baghdad... .
...But some government officials have suggested that if he (
Saddam Hussein-Faramin) is convicted for the Dujail killings, subsequent trials for other crimes might be shelved to open the way for (the death-Faramin) sentence to be carried out quickly.
Quickly? Excuse me! Not so fast! I am not even commenting about the barbaric nature of the capital punishment here. But if capital punishment is going to be used against Saddam after his conviction, he has to be tried for all other crimes that he has committed. Quick execution? What is the rush? The masters in Washington don't want Saddam confess that in what he did, his American bodies were his co-criminals? Saddam's trial is not an Iraqis issue only. Saddam has done so much harm to countless non-Iraqi people. As a result, he has to be put on trial for every crime he committed, with or without the help of the western leaders, including the US leaders.

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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