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August 14, 2005

Trying to cover up again

US civil liberties groups have launched a lawsuit to force the release of 87 pictures and four videos showing abuse at Abu Ghraib jail in Baghdad.
Bravo to them.

It is "probable that al-Qaeda and other groups will seize upon these images and
videos as grist for their propaganda mill," the chairman of the joint chiefs of
staff, Gen Richard Myers, argues in court papers.
What are you afraid of General?

The Pentagon stepped up its campaign with a later request, submitted on Friday, for certain material to be kept from the public domain. Imagine what those "certain material" are that have caused so much panic at Rumi's department.

The civil liberties groups have submitted counter-arguments by a retired US army colonel,Michael Pheneger, who insists the public good would be served by publication of the images.
"The first step to abandoning practices that are repugnant to our laws and national ideals is to bring them into the sunshine and assign accountability," he wrote.
He also argued that the Iraqi insurgency would continue regardless of whether or not the pictures were published.

Glad to hear that there still are some decent former American colonels.

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