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March 13, 2007

Propaganda at its peak: Helping one child while causing devastation to millions

Back in December 2005, I wrote the draft of the following post but for some reason that I cannot remember, I did not publish it. The particular incident discussed in this post may be an old news now, but minor events similar to that, I am sure, are still happening. So, while it may be an old news, it is still relevant thus, new.

Please note that by bringing this post up now, I don't mean to offend those with whom I have managed to help create a more reasonable cyber relations. But frankly, my opinion on this matter has not changed, so please allow me to express my views on this issue the way I truly believe. Here it is:

I've been criticized for not saying anything positive in my blog about the US and its policies. I have responded to that idiotic criticism so many times, but this is one example of the things which appear to be good and humane, but can in fact be an indication of the crimes against humanity committed by the US against Iraqi people. Before invasion of Iraq, Iraqi infrastructures were regularly bombarded by the US and British air forces. During the 12 years of sanctions against Iraq, which only hurt the ordinary Iraqi people and not Saddam's regime, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children suffered and died for lack of medication and clean water. Iraq was not even allowed to purchase what was needed to keep its water purification facilities properly running.

During and after the invasion of Iraq, the horror of bombing the cities by the "humanitarian" forces of the US and Britain, brought a nation to its knees. Pregnant women suffered tremendously and that suffering in turn surfaced on their babies to be born. Millions of Iraqi children had experienced and are still experiencing the horrors of living in the country of partly hidden but ongoing war and devastation, At least tens of thousands of Iraqis have been perished because of this war and the subsequent effects of the war. And now, these "humanitarian" and "kind hearted" forces are helping one child to win the hearts and minds of Iraqis (I have to add that I have no doubt that there are indeed some American and British forces who really are kind- hearted, but they are not the ones who are deciding for this war; their war criminal leaders are). Even if one child gets a better life as a result of anything, that is a good news, but these murderers cannot claim to be humanitarian. They are not. They have killed too many people to be able to claim to be humanitarian. They have caused too much devastation to the Iraqis to be able to claim they are good people. They are not. They are mass murderers and nothing more. Even if individually some of them are good hearted people with good inetntions, they are still murderers not because of their individuality but because that isn't their individuality that is acting in Iraq. They are the elements who service a massive murderous machine whose only functionality is to kill and destroy in order to service those corporate bastards satisfy their unlimited thirst of greed and blood profit.


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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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