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February 20, 2007

Tehran in 90 minutes

Tehran in 90 minutes: Good, bad, ugly... and ..., well... sometimes funny too!

As comprehensive as it can get in 90 minutes, this BBC documentary is a fairly accurate display of some of the aspects of life in Tehran; of course with a general over-estimation and over-emphasis on the coservative side.

When you get to the part related to the tunel opening ceremony and the seven brides and grooms, remember that it is what is ideal to the eyes of the regime and not necessarily the Iranians in general. For example, the way the brides and the grooms, particularly brides, are dressed is NOT a typical wedding fashion; the newly-wed couples are generally from the conservative sect of the society. Perhaps that is why they have been selected to be part of the ceremony.

Worth watching!

Thanks to F.V. for sending it to me.

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