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February 16, 2006

Off topic "comment"

Shahla, a commenter, feels free to jump in and write a comment completely unrelated to the subject of the post already in place. I realize that sometimes an urgency of some news or issues might warrant such "jumping in"s but promoting a book certainly isn't one of them, but when there is an off topic comment with any reason, at least an apology for being off topic is not a very bad idea. Although the way Shahla tried to communicate her point/promotion with others is not a very professional one and perhaps her "comment" deserves to be completely deleted, I decided to delete the comment from where she placed it but repost it in a brand new post. I even found a link to what she had "copy/paste"d from and leave it to the readers of my blog if they choose to further know about the article. Deleting comment is not my desire and is definitely not my general practice but my request to Shahla is: "please don't do that again". Anyway, here it is:

HI Friends, Here is an interesting book published recently on Iran, called [Illegal Dating-A Journey into the Private Life of Iran] it seems has written by a foreigner who recently visited to our country. Still I have to read it but from the Press release which circulating around the world, it seems interesting book, I will recommend it to all of you to look at. I am attaching the press release which I had chance of reading to it. Regards Shahla Khominie
and here is the link to the article she has suggested.

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