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September 25, 2007

President of Columbia University humiliated by Ahmadinejad

Although I hate the guy, I think Ahmadinejad truly sh*tted on the truly idiot president of Columbia University, despite the fact that many things, not all, of what the President of the university said about Iran were true. But the guy clearly showed his pathetic double standards when he basically ignored the similar crimes committed by the United States, especially when he was, correctly quoting Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch about Iran. He should be reminded that the same organizations have regularly accused the United States and Israel as gross abusers of human rights.

Despite my deep dislike of Ahmadinejad, I truly believe he is extremely more intelligent that the President of the Columbia University.

Just a reminder, the President of the University, spoke for over 15 minutes attacking Ahmadinejad bringing tens of allegations (many of which in my opinion true) against him. But how could you prepaire 15 minutes of listing of the accusations, and expect the guy, Ahmadinejad, to answer them right after your attacks have stopped. Having said that, once again, I believe Ahmadinejad, handled the guy very very easily.

I wish, when the President of the University was making the accusations against Iran and Ahmadinejad's government, he would also clearly had mentioned the well-documented crimes committed by the US and Israel. Then, I could feel some respect for the guy, despite his evidently low intelligence. But the guy, only kissed Isarel's ass, without touching on the suffering of millions of Palestinians. Even in the very unfair ground to his benefit, he was clearly humiliated by Ahmadinejad.

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