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August 12, 2007

F*ck your "justice" America!

A US marine who was sentenced to eight years in military jail for his role in the death of an Iraqi civilian has been released following a clemency decision. Robert Pennington, 22, was jailed in February after pleading guilty to kidnapping and conspiracy in the 2006 killing of Hashim Ibrahim Awad, 52.

In exchange, prosecutors dropped murder and other charges. His rank wasreduced and he was dishonourably discharged.

Of the eight members of the squad involved only one remains in prison.

In making the decision, Lt Gen James Mattis considered the defendants' ages, military experience, rank and involvement in the death, the marines said in an statement.

He reduced the sentences of Pennington and others to ensure fair treatment, the marines said.
"...fair treatment"? Meaning to show the middle fingure to the world and to say: "Yeah, these bastards are criminals but they are our criminals so they should receive special treatment." Fair treatment my ass. What a joke!
Now you judge this bastard and those who freed him!
I can now with confidence say: F*ck your "justice" America!

The US leaders are doing an excellent job ensuring the US is hated everyday more than the day before.

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