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February 17, 2008

Once again, Where is Rumsfeld?

Back in July of 2004, I had a short post about Rumsfeld and his absence after the embarrassments caused by the exposed American rorture practices in Iraq. It was titled "Where is Rumsfeld?"

Now, a visitor of my blog has left a comment on the same post and rightfully requested this discussion be revived. Here is the comment:

I know that the date on this post is quite old, but I'd like to revive the pondering. WHERE IS RUMSFELD? And I'm not speaking "geographically", rather what is he doing, who is he meeting with, etc.
I'd like to revive this conversation because his whereabouts and acts could be a precursor to what happens with Bush, Cheney and other cabinet members.Is there a fear of war crimes among administration members? Which appears to be true based on Bush's push to amend the War Crimes Act. Why has the media forgotten about Rumsfeld? He was a catalyst in our current affairs affecting not only Americans but others around the world. We should be discussing his future, so that we can have a precedent regarding the futures of Bush, Cheney and others. These people should NOT be forgotten, because they highlight for us the people to avoid in the future - who we vote for, and who we don't.PLEASE KEEP TALKING - MAKE THIS NEWS WORTHY.

Well! I think this is a very good point as it may have implications on other war criminals of Washington and their future. So, Let's find out "Where Rusmfeld is". Oh, no don't expect to find a lot from the media. They are part of the problem themselves.

Thanks bariloche for the timely request.


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