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March 01, 2008

Oh, what a "hero"

I am sure you have heard by now about Prince Harry being in Afghanistan for a few weeks. Being in Afghanistan doing what? I ask! I am sure the Prince kept many of the British soldiers busy protecting him... . But he had to go there. He had to enable the stupid monarchy to tell the people that "Our loved ones are there too". But he couldn't be there for long after all and there must have been a plan to get him back without damaging the goal of sending him there: "fooling the British". So, what is better than, after few weeks, having stories in the media, "exposing" that he is in Afghanistan? Now, after this is public, the excuse to bring him back is automatically created: "Now, that this information is public, the enemy will make particular efforts to kidnap the Prince, so, although he "loves" serving his country, although he doesn't mind being in the war zone and facing the dangers, but not that much danger. The danger now is too much for our Prince and he has to come home".

Once again media played its dirty role. The goal is now achieved. The boy is home; safe and sound, like a hero, and the people are fooled. Good planning, isn't it? This can be easily bought but stupids; the same stupids who still, in 21st century, believe in monarchy.


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