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May 01, 2004

"Liberators", liberating

Just look at these bas..rds. Are they not just hateful?

At least their "hero" colleagues will learn not to photograph what they do, so no one would know of many of the similar occurrences by the "liberators". F..k that liberty that comes from these "liberators". (Perhaps that's why US is against creation of the International Criminal Court. They know what the f..k they are doing).

It is not surprising that this is all happening in Abu Ghoraib prison which was a notorious prison where Saddam regime used to torture Iraqis.

Note: "Daily Mirror" Photos which turned out to be Hoax have been removed from here. This however does not mean that the Anglo-American criminal aggression against the people of Iraq is any less illegitimate.

My blood is boiling because of this injustice. Who knows how many similar cases are happening in Iraq right now. Like bombing the innocent people is not enough.

Also, see how Kaveh and Nema have described the whole issue.

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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