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April 25, 2004

Civilians as human shields?

When Israeli butchers kill Palestinian civilians, they always justify their killings by blaming them on Palestinians militants by accusing them of using civilians as human shields and hiding behind them when fighting Israelis. How true this is, is a different subject, but it is now Israelis that are accused of using a 13 year old Palestinian boy as a human shield to stop Palestinians from throwing stones during a protest against Israel's West Bank barrier.

Rabbis for Human Rights (a Jewish rights organization) say that the boy was beaten by Israeli police before being arrested. They say that 13 year old Mohammed Badwan was tied by police to a jeep during a recent demonstration in the West Bank village of Bidou.

It is also interesting to know that Israel's Supreme Court banned the use of human shields only recently in 2002. That means that using civilians as human shields by the Israelis wasn't even illegal before 2002. That also means there must have been lots of resistance and disputes in the different levels of Israeli "justice" system that the matter wasn't resolved before reaching the Supreme court. So much for the "only democracy" of the middle-east.

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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