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April 26, 2004

Just watch their excitement of killing. Do they deserve to be honored?

I was disappointed to see how blind patriotism can drag even good people down to the level that they start "honoring" and "saluting" their troops for "defending not only our (American - Faramin) freedom but to procure the freedom of the oppressed throughout the world." and "being ready to die for it". I read this in a blog where I respect the writer for her usually straight to the point and valuable commentaries. I wonder if those troops would be seen the same if they were Russians in Afghanistan in the 80s or the "honor" is automatically assigned to them just for being American. After all, the level of destruction the US soldiers have caused in Iraq in such a short time, is much greater than that of the Soviets in Afghanistan, and yet, Soviet soldiers were executed when trapped by the Afghan Mojahedeen who were fed by the American military equipments.

After reading the commentary in the same blog, I remembered a piece of the "honor" that these "honorable" troops have practiced in order "to bring freedom to the oppressed".
Just watch their excitement when they kill an un-armed wounded Iraqi. They kill him and then they cheer the killing. How could they cheer after killing, period? Perhaps they even expect a medal for that or may be not; may be they are just floating in the mentality of a violent video game and don't realize that the one they kill with such cold blood is a REAL human being, with a life, family, children and/or parents and perhaps a world of hopes and dreams that now has to end so the "honorable" soldiers can add another day of joyful crime against humanity to their record.

Having said this, I would like to think that I can have some respect for those American soldiers who regret being in Iraq right now and are hoping for the opportunity to get themselves out of the current murderous mission in Iraq.

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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