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June 03, 2004

Free this great young American; Free Joseph Previtera

Joseph Previtera, A 21-year-old college student could spend years in jail on bomb threat charges after he stood silently outside a military recruitment office dressed like an Iraqi prisoner: in a black cape, hooded, wearing stereo wires hanging from his fingers. The police charged Joseph Previtera with making a bomb threat since the stereo wires resembled wires to a bomb.
Free Joseph Previtera. It is obvious to anyone with even a semi- functional brain that the charge against him is ridiculous and baseless. He was just showing the American public what has been done in Iraq in their name. He is now facing charges more serious than any US soldier is facing for their role in the actual prison abuse in Iraq. Previtera was charged with three crimes: disturbing the peace, possession of a hoax device and making a false bomb threat. If convicted he could face years in prison.

He has done this for the sake of defending human rights. Now, WE have the obligation to do whatever we can to defend his rights and free this great young American. Please write about him in your sites/blogs.

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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