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July 25, 2004

Is Kerry any better than Bush? Perhaps not as stupid, but better? I think not.

I wrote a draft version of the following post, but given the sensitivity of the US election issues, I was not sure whether to publish it, but now after reading many articles such as this, I have decided to publish the posts. Well, I still hope that I am somehow wrong on this, but hey, that's how I see it now. Here it goes... .
I am deeply disappointed by today's International Court of Justice ruling related to Israel's security fence. Israel's fence is a legitimate response to terror that only exists in response to the wave of terror attacks against Israel. The fence is an important tool in Israel's fight against terrorism. It is not a matter for the ICJ.
I have made very clear from the start that I do not believe that the ICJ should even be considering this issue given that they do not have jurisdiction....,
Parts of John Kerry's statement
Even before becoming the president of the United States, John Kerry has rushed to start kissing the asses of his potential masters in Tel Aviv. Mr. Kerry opposes the ruling by the World court regarding the Israeli "Berlin Wall". Has the US ever had any decent president, or president to be? Perhaps not. If I had some doubt about Kerry, now I don't. He seems to be as jerk as Bush. With these guttless leaders, I am just glad the US has no credibility in the world any more, so who cares what Kerry or jerks like him say.

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