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July 10, 2004

Israeli "Berlin Wall", illegal!

It was clear from the beginning that the wall being built by Israel to annex Palestinian lands into Israel's, was immoral, illegal and act of international piracy. It was clear to many including many Israelis; I was listening to a report on the radio yesterday, regarding the effect of this wall in the relations between two neighbouring communities, one Israeli and one Palestinian. According to the report both communities have enjoyed very good relations during the past 30 years and even the uprisings of last few years did not have much impact on those relations. The report was mostly focusing on Israeli side of the argument who were criticizing Israel for constructing such a wall. They were calling it immoral and "the wall that will create hatred, not protection" for Israelis. They are campaigning to ensure the wall does not divide two communities.

As I said, it was all clear that the construction of the wall was immoral and illegal. But yesterday and after many months of discussions, the World Court at Hague branded this wall as political not a security measure, and a de facto land grab. The judges told Israel to tear it down and compensate the victims.

First reaction from Israel to this decision was that it would ignore the ruling. What a "surprise"! What an "uncharacteristic" decision by Israel! Hah, Obviously I am joking. Israel has the worst record in ignoring the decisions made by the UN organizations and yet, it continues its unlawful policies without fear. It is clear that the unconditional and criminal supports that Israel receives from the US, makes Israel so bold to do whatever it wants and to ignore whatever it doesn't want. Remember, One of the reasons the current criminal leaders of the US gave in justifying invasion of Iraq that has resulted in 15000 lives so far and a country in ruins, was that Iraq ignored the international community. But sure, that doesn't apply to Israel!
The International Court of Justice at The Hague said signatories to the Geneva convention, such as Britain and the US, are obliged to ensure Israel upholds the ruling.
Seems like the judges already knew who would back Israel. But the question is, how much the US and Britain care about this decision. After all, they themselves are violators of the Geneva convention.

It is also interesting to note that the decision was endorsed by all but the American judge on the 15-person court; all but the American Judge. See? That itself speaks volume. Well, regardless of what Israel will do, at least we know the decision is made against Israel and its wall now. The fact that the only member judge; an American judge, was against the decision, is not very bad after all. It makes it even more clear that even the members of the justice system on the United States have not been immuned from the corruption that has affected their politicians deep to their bones. This would also be another indication of how increasingly isolated the US is becoming in the world stage.

You can read more about the ruling here. Also, the complete text of the ruling can be read here.

This is an interesting letter regarding the wall:
The Israelis and their supporters are trying to frame the issue in terms of their right to be able to defend themselves against terrorist attacks. Nobody disputes their right to self-defence. The issue at hand is that the wall is not on the border between Israel and the West Bank but dips deeply into Palestinian territory in many parts. Don't be confused by this red herring issue of right to self-defence; it's all about a land grab, pure and simple.
Andrew Houston, Washington DC
The letter was posted at BBC site.

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