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July 25, 2004

Kazemi "trial" another shame for Iran regime

As expected, the kangaroo trial in the case of the photo-journalist, Zahra Kazemi ended with no justice. The Journalist who was detained, tortured and eventually died days after a blow to her head while in the custody of Iranian security officials, was a 54 year-old Canadian from Iranian origin who was arrested while taking pictures in the vicinity of the most notorious prison in Iran; the Evin Prison.

Although the accused in the case was nothing but a little guy (a low-ranking security agent) who was thought to have been used as scapegoat to hide the real killer/s of Mrs. Kazemi, even he was acquitted at the end of two-day "trial". It is widely believed that Mr. Kazemi was killed as a direct result of being beaten by Iran's prosecutor general, Saeid Mortazavi; the same person behind the massive closure of the newspapers in Iran. 

At this time, the only conclusion I can draw from end result of this so-called trial is that the hardline-controlled regime understands that by blaming the guilt on the little guy, it might risk sending a "wrong" message to  other "little guys" whom it has in service; that they too, one day might become the scapegoats in other similar cases that are common in Iran and as a result risk loosing their loyalty.

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