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August 09, 2004

Higher Ups stop the humane action of some US soldiers

Oregon Army National Guardsmen responded to reports of what appeared to be prisoner abuse June 29 at the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior. The Guard soldiers disarmed the Iraqi policemen and gave first aid to the detainees. The Oregon guardsmen were later ordered to stand down, handing the prisoners back over to the Iraqi officials. Many of the prisoners had fresh welts and bruises. Soldiers also found metal rods, rubber hoses, unknown chemicals and exposed electrical wires that appeared to have been used to torture the prisoners.....
...and yet, they were ordered to return the detainees back to their torturers. Yeah, Rumsfeld and his fellow criminals don't want to see some good US soldiers act humanely. Who the hell these soldiers are to act against the principals and traditions of the US army? They should act according to orders; creating new Abu-Ghraib prisoner abuses/torture. Why not? US is the biggest exporter of the torture devices in the world.

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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