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August 06, 2004

Worth Repeating: Remembering Hiroshima & Nagasaki - It was 59 years ago, today.

The following was originally posted on my blog on August 6, 2003. However, I do believe it is still relavant to today's nuclear threats against our planet and its citizens:

In a conversation between Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger in the 70's and during Vietnam war, Nixon expressed his desire to use atomic bombs against the Vietnamies; "I don't give a damn about their lives": he said. Kissinger being concerned about the effect of this on world public opinion (and not the humanitarian aspect of it), objected and disagreed with it. May be Nixon just had a bad day, May be he had a fight with his wife, may be he was just too angry at something when he expressed this horrifying desire, on the other hand, may be he was serious about it Let's say he was just upset and he didn't really mean it (but remember, you can go to jail if you threaten to kill somebody even if you don't mean it). Anyhow, What if his anger would increase by something else (let's say another fight with his wife or, his mother-in-law coming for a visit ) to even higher level so he would make an even harsher comment; but he still wouldn't mean it. Then again, what if something really bothered him and his administration to esculate his anger to an even more critical level so the order to use atomic bomb would be issued? (Don't laugh, it can be as simple as that). These days, all the talk is about Iran and its Nuclear programs. Sounds like it is no good if Iran developes nuclear bombs but it is alright for Israel to have it. Why do I keep talking about Israel, why not the US, Russia, France, England, China and even the new kids in the block: India and Pakistan? One might say: "Iran and even North Korea should not have these kinds of weapons because the leaders of those countries are crazy enough to use them". Well, I agree, but if using these weapons comes from the crazyness of the leaders, so it is crazy to use them, period. Unless, somebody says: "No, your leaders should not have those weapons, so they cannot kill hundreds of thousands of people but it is alright if our leaders have them, because the way we kill is more civilized. Killing is bad and evil if you kill, but what we do is just saving the humanity when we kill." Who knows who the judge is to say who is right and who is wrong. BTW, North Korea? After witnessing what happened to Iraq after it became clear the WMD did not exist, who can blame North Korea for not wanting to destroy the weapons it might have or even for wanting to continue developement of WMD? If Iraq had Nuclear weapons, US and Britain would not have dared attacking that country. Without giving too much credit to Iran leaders, I have to admit, they did not use chemical weapons against Iraqi army during the 8 year Iran-Iraq war while Iranian soldiers were being chemically bombed on almost daily basis by Saddam's army which had the blessing of the civilized US leaders and of course British, French and Russia. Atomic bombs are dangerous enough to not consider them safe in the hands of some countries and their prosumed controlling system to make sure they are not going to be used where they should not be used. Then again, who can determine about these Should(s) and should not(s)? By the way, another answer to the issue of Iran and North Korea's leaders being crazy is: "Yes, they are crazy but so is George Bush and his adventurous oily gang". We cannot just hope that these people will not make wrong decisions whether they should or should not use nuclear weapons. If you travel in time to the past to 1944, you would not even imagine what was going to happen to two Japanies cities (and yes, to all their civilian population) in less than a year. You would perhaps make fun of the comment such as "warning of the nearing tragedy", but that did happen. We cannot let that happen again (for any B.S. reason). We cannot wait and hope that the Nixon(s) would not make crazy decisions. we cannot leave our lives and our childrens' lives in the hands of bunch of bussiness-oriented politicians. If we do not care enough about our own lives, we have the responsibility to make sure these things do not happen to our children. We have to destroy all these weapons, no matter where they are, and who controls them. We have to tell those who are obssessed with these weapons, to pack up, take your weapons with you and get lost from the face of the earth, go away to the places far from earth and far from our lives, and then play with these toys as much as you want. Am I looking at this in a very simplistic way? You bet I am. It really is simple but we are making it too complicated. It is as simple as saying no-one (and I mean no-one) should have these weapons what so ever. You might react to this piece either positively or negatively (if you understand my writing that is), but whatever you do, please continue talking about it and let this issue be talked about before another tragedy hits. Just one more note: with the money that is spent on these monsterous weapons, every member of the humanity can live the way a human being deserves, with no starvation, no poverty, and you name it. Let's begin talking about this issue today (You might wonder how stupid Faramin is! Yes, I might be stupid but I am also worried, even stupids have the right to worry about things).

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