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July 30, 2004

Doctors or butcher assistants?

The New England Journal of Medicine (Not Al-Jazeera, not Al-Arabia, and not "the enemy propaganda") reports of the involvement of American so-called doctors, nurses and medics in torture and other illegal procedures in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay:
We know that medical personnel have failed to report to higher authorities wounds that were clearly caused by torture and that they have neglected to take steps to interrupt this torture. In addition, they have turned over prisoners' medical records to interrogators who could use them to exploit the prisoners' weaknesses or vulnerabilities. We have not yet learned the extent of medical involvement in delaying and possibly falsifying the death certificates of prisoners who have been killed by torturers... .
...To understand the full scope of American torture and abuse at Abu Ghraib and other prisons, we need to look more closely at the behavior of doctors and other medical personnel, as well as at the pressures created by the war in Iraq that produced this behavior. It is possible that some doctors, nurses, or medics took steps, of which we are not yet aware, to oppose the torture. It is certain that many more did not. But all those involved could nonetheless reveal, in valuable medical detail, much of what actually took place. By speaking out, they would take an important step toward reclaiming their role as healers.

Really, what could this be called? Is this the "liberation" that Bush is talking about? Is this the "civilized" world's fight against "uncivilized" world that dumb Bush talks about? If doctors, yes doctors who are supposedly trained to save lives, can be so brutal, so unethical, so criminal and so butcher like, what could be expected from those who have been trained to kill? What could cause all this? Is it because of anything but "Corruption to the Bone" in US that turns those supposedly saviors into killers? Where is the US heading to?

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