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September 06, 2004

Forever living memories of the best children of Iran who were downed by the regime and its backers

Payam lives alone and never talks about the past.
The 46-year-old Iranian with gentle brown eyes and a quiet smile is haunted by the smell of fear and death.
Now working as an engineer in England, he walks with special soles in his shoes because his feet have been damaged by torture.
For 16 years, he has carried unspeakable memories with him. And Payam is not his real name as he asked for an alias because he believes his life could still be in danger.
In the summer of 1988, most of his school friends, as well as thousands of other men, women and children and possibly as many as 30,000 political prisoners were secretly slaughtered in prisons across Iran.
Places like the large prayer hall in the dreaded Evin prison were turned into gallows.
Children as young as 13 were hanged six at a time.
Prisoners were loaded on forklift trucks in groups and hanged from cranes and beams in half-hourly intervals. Others were killed by firing squads... .
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The Islamic regime could have been overthrown by the people of Iran in first few years after the revolution. One of the main reasons for this not to happen was the war Saddam Hussein started with Iran. The war was in fact a welcome news for the regime as it saw it as the best opportunity to consolidate its power, to crack down on the bold and democratic demands of the people. Regime crack down was in the name of "war time security measures" and they used it to the full extend. It is true that what Saddam did hurt Iranians in this way, but he was not alone in what he did. He had his backers; most western countries such as England, France, Germany and the most influential one; the Uniterd States, as well as the Soviet Union and China were behind Saddam's Iraq. Saddam also had the full support of the regional arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

The war and those who created the conditions for the war in fact helped the regime to become what it is now. In fact, people of Iran had so many internal and external enemies from the regime of Iran to its foreign direct and indirect helpers. They are all guilty of acting against the people of Iran and its best children who were executed by the regime or killed during the 8-year Iraq/Iran war. They are all guilty on every single hardship that is happening on the people of Iran today. They are all guilty.

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