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August 29, 2004

What about thousands of un-known "Gordon"s?

The righteous rage that powers Rose Gentle these days visibly drains from her face when she enters her late son's bedroom.
The room isn't much bigger than a walk-in closet, and her son Gordon's coffin filled much of it when his body was brought back from Iraq last month. He was 19 years old....

...With a mixture of Glaswegian working-class hard talk and a mother's grief, Gentle has become the vocal symbol of latent anti-war feeling in Britain.

The mother is rightfully outraged. The son has a name. The name is known; Gordon Gentle. Everybody is learning about this loss of life of a young man and his unfulfilled dreams. Everybody is saddened for him and for his mother..... . But, there are aslo thousands of Iraqi "Rose Gentle"s with their own lonely grieves and devastations. There were also thousands of Iraqi "Gordon"s who lost their lives. Sadly, we will not even know their names; they will remain only as numbers and no more.

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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