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January 27, 2005

We are collectively failing; again

One has no heart if s/he knows about or looks at these pictures and doesn't feel heart-ache. In the 60th anniversary of the Soviet army's liberation of Auschwitz (one of the Nazi concentration camps in which many million human beings; Jews and non-Jews were slaughtered), we as the human community have not yet learned that we have the responsibility to act to stop the new and modern methods of barbarism, with any extend; bigger or smaller than the Nazi concentration camps.

Despite our plenty of claims, we are failing again. Rwandan genocide in which 800,000 human beings perished in a course of only 100 days, happened only 10 years ago. Darfur is still happening and despite the rhetoric of "it has to stop" it is still taking its toll. Poverty, starvation and preventable diseases are still killing 20,000+ children everyday (EVERYDAY). Countries are still being occupied and cities are still being flattened. Palestinians are still occupied and are being killed. Israeli civilians are still being killed. Abuse and torture are still common practices in many parts of the world. Executions, stoning and other barabaric means of killing are still practiced in the world. Homeless Brazilian street children are assassinated every day. Child sex slavery is still ruling. Child labour is still common in the world..... .

There are many reasons for us to be ashamed of ourselves. We all are responsible. We are selfish. We look after our own interests, only. We are ignoring the suffering of others and unless we, ourselves start suffering, we will never pay attention to what the practical meaning of suffering is.

...Once again, we are all failing.

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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