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February 02, 2005

How stupid: Episode II

A couple of days ago, I had this post about an idiot working for the newspaper of Morocco's Islamic party who wrote, in an article, that the tsunami disaster showed God's displeasure with South-East Asia's sex tourism industry. After attempts of Moroccan Rights groups to protest against this paper failed, thousands of supporters of the idiot writer took to the street in support of the writer.

But looks like idiocy is something that is shared by all religious fanatics. This time, a former chief rabbi of Israel has said that Asian tsunami disaster was a form of divine retribution for the world's support of the planned pullout of settlers from the Gaza Strip. Did you notice? "devine retribution". Exactly the same terminology that was used by the first idiot.
"The all powerful one was angry with the nations that did not help Israel, which wanted an evacuation, a disengagement [from Gaza] ... and this provoked the earth to shake"
The above is what Mordechai Eliahu said in a religious publication distributed on Monday in thousands of synagogues throughout Israel.

I don't know what to call these behaviors. Just like the other one, this one was stupid, insensitive and irresponsible, but may be I can double emphasis on its stupidity because I am still struggling to find its relevance. After all, Gaza and Israel are thousands of kilometers aways from South Asia. How could god's displeasure of something that is happening in the Middle East show its face in South Asia? By the way, someone should ask this new sh*t from a different pile, how could those over 50,000 children who have been killed in the tsunami, who perhaps didn't even know where Israel and Gaza are, be responsible for what is happening in Gaza?

Indeed if the gods of the idiots in these two episodes are so merciless to avenge innocent people for everything that goes wrong in the world, they must truly be bunch of sick gods.

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