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April 27, 2005

When Human Rights is not always Human Rights!

When I read that a "Human Rights" group is investigating North Korean government for the possible use of "deadly nerve gas on its own citizens and may even be operating experimental gas chambers", I was shocked. There is no doubt IF there is enough ground for this allegation, which will be nothing but crimes against humanity, it should be investigated and exposed, no matter to what extend; big or small.

Seeing the phrase "human rights group", I was interested to know more about the group and see what else they have to say about other human right abuses in the world. When I found the web-site of the group, and I noticed that it is a Jewish "rights" group, I was even more interested to read. After all, I had seen other Jewish Human Rights groups such as B'Tselem which to the true meaning of the word, is a respected rights group.

However, the more I read at the first group's web-site, the more disappointed I became. In volumes and volumes of material in that site, I did not see one word criticizing Israeli atrocities and human rights violations. I did not see words condemning what the US has committed in and around the world. In fact, I saw in many articles that the atrocities had been justified and supported. All I saw was hypocrisy and double standards which only condemns what it does not like, not what is not right. With many of the otherwise valuable material at the site, the site seemed to me nothing but a piece of propaganda under the banner of Human Rights.

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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