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May 26, 2005

A different experience with the war

I came across this comment left by a reader at GreatScat!

My brother just finished a 14 month tour in Iraq, serving with the army. I also lost a couple of friends the same day to a roadside bomb. They were in the guard. I tried voting for the other guy but it didn't work. My state went blue both times any way and it justt wasn't enough. What gets me is that the people who are really feeling the pain in this war are us working class slugs. W're the ones who have family and friends who signed up because they had to. The people directing this war don't have to fret over the people they love being in a war zone. Our troops are just tools to them. Bush, Cheney, and the rest of them don't care, they're too remote. The war never touches them. Remember those pictures from thanksgiving just before the election. Bush made that surprise trip to Iraq to serve turkey to then soldiers. That's the closest he ever came to this bloody mess and did it even make the slightest impact. Did he even take a mament to contemplate all the pain and suffering he's caused. I can't ansewer that, but I doubt it. He has that same starry eyed glazed over look he always has. The look of a fanatic doing gods work, not caring about this life because a better one awaits in heaven.

racya 05.25.05 - 1:14 pm #

Well, let's hope commentaries such as this have some impact in opening some pluged minds.

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