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May 06, 2005

What could he really do?

Back at GreatScat, I saw the picture below which has been recently released by the US army. Obviously, the photo is nothing but a piece of propaganda by the US army. After all, we know very well that what has no significant value for the US army, is the lives of the innocent people, particularly children. US army's "generosities" in dropping bombs on civilians have been a clear indication of US army's brutality.

However, the fact that an entity such as the US army does not regard enough value to the lives of civilians to even bother to do body-count of those it has killed, does not change the fact that there are many of the personnel in the US army who are caring and who do feel moral responsibility and act according to that. Well, the best for these caring personnel would have been not to be part of such an aggressive killing machine, but now that they are, let's at least hope to see them act according to their humane responsibility. The above picture is touching and there is no reason for me to believe what the soldier shows here is fake.

What I see in the above picture is not strange and surprising to me at all. After all, as I said, the US soldiers too, have families, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers and children and seeing a young child fatally hurt like the one in the above photo, can break the hearts of many of the soldiers. But we should not forget that if there was no occupation, scenes such as the above would much less likely be created. And let us not forget that no matter how caring the soldier in the above photo is, he cannot bring back thousands of perished lives, like the one in his arms, who were perished as a result of the presence of him and his alikes in Iraq; occupation of Iraq, that is.

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