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September 07, 2005

Same arrogance and irresponsibility, but from two different regimes

When a devastating earthquake almost destroyed the entire ancient Iranian city of Bam and caused tens of thousands of deaths, the Iranian regime rejected the relief offer from Israel. Obviously, the rejection was nothing but the indication of the uncaring nature of the regime towards the sufferings of the earthquake survivors. It was an indication of their arrogance and their irresponsibility. That offer, just like any offers should have been accepted graciously.

Now, the same thing is happening. This time in North America, and by a different regime. The common denomination of both regimes is that they are both uncaring and irresponsible. They are both arrogant. After first rejecting Cuba's generous offer of sending 1100 Cuban doctors with plenty of the medical supplies to the affected areas, once again now the Washington regime has rejected another generous aid offer; this time from Venezuellan president, Hugo Chavez. Perhaps to the US leaders, what comes first is their arrogance, their dirty politics and agendas and... you name it. What is clearly not as important to them, is the fact that thousands of the victims of the hurricane are in critical need of such help.

An offer of aid from the Venezuelan president, Hugo Chávez, which included two mobile hospital units, 120 rescue and first aid experts and 50 tonnes of food, has been rejected, according to the civil rights leader, Jesse Jackson.
Mr Jackson said the offer from the Venezuelan leader, whom he recently met, included 10 water purification plants, 18 power generation plants and 20 tonnes of bottled water.

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