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December 08, 2005

A little advise for Jack Straw

Reportedly, In the video recently released, the kidnappers of the two Canadian, one American and one British citizens working with the organization called Christian Peacemakers, have dismissed British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw's plea to contact him. They say Straw is lying and doesn't want to talk. In response to this, Jack Straw has said:
These four men are all campaigners for peace, dedicated to the helping of others, and we ask for their release... .
I don't know if Jack Straw is really that stupid or he is just pretending to be stupid or even worse, if he has other hidden agendas; otherwise, he should know it better than anybody else that his definitions of "campaigners for peace" or "dedicated to the helping of others" is not the same as that of the kidnappers. After all, the whole invasion was under the banner of "campaign for peace and security of the world" and "helping of others - the Iraqis". The result of which has been the occupation of Iraq. In fact, the concept of "peace" and "peaceful" is defined completely differently by the kidnappers and the "Foreign Minister" of one of the two main occupying countries of Iraq.

If Mr. Straw really wants to save the lives of the hostages, the best way is to distant them from himself and his government and even to criticize them as "trouble makers" for his government's policies in Iraq.

The kidnappers' interpretation of the word "peace" used by Straw, is occupation. So when Mr Straw calls the hostages to be "campaigners for peace", that could mean to the kidnappers that the hostages are partners and explicit in the occupation of Iraq and thus, it could put their lives in more harm than before Straw's comments. If the intention is to try to secure their release, the other alternative for Mr. Straw is at least to shut up and not to make any comment about what kind of people he considers the hostages to be.

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