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January 18, 2006

American social conservatives (Republicans) are thrilled! No surprise there.

Of course they are. Why shouldn't they? With Stephen Harper in power, Soon, they might completely own Canada.

WASHINGTON — It's all about the chance for a new start. At the White House, there's cautious optimism about Conservative gains in Canada's election campaign.
Republicans view Stephen Harper's rising fortunes as a relief and a balm after so much bickering between the two countries under Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin.

(American-Faramin) Social conservatives are thrilled.... .

suggestion that he'd revisit the decision not to participate in President George W. Bush's missile defence program and has hopes he'd consider helping rebuild Iraq.. .

And Republicans understand, said analyst David Biette, that Canadian Conservatives are a different breed.... .

"You line them up on the political spectrum and they're not in the same place,'' said Biette, who runs the Canada Institute at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.
"They're not going to be a toady for America, that's for sure... ''

Yeah Yeah Yeah, and that's nothing but trying to reduce the suspecion of Candians towards the Conservatives and Stephen Harper and is to tell Canadians, "don't worry, they are not going to be our puppets. Vote for them", and when that happens, when Stephen is in power and shows his true face which is now well-hidden, it will be too late for Canada to get rid of himn so easily).

Harper would bring shame to Canada and feeling of "regained" ownership of Canada to the rightwing neo-conservatives in the US.

Disaster is nocking on Canada's doors.

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