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December 14, 2005

Beautiful Monika Jalili

I just received the following from a dear friend of mine and I thought to share it with my readers here:

Those of you who haven't seen or heard this beautiful second generation, half Iranian soprano, Monika Jalili who performs Iranian folk and popular songs, just click here, sit back and watch/listen to her one-hour concert. She has a beautiful voice and sings with passion. Monika is a classically trained sopranovocalist born in New York City. She has delighted audiences around the world in live performances, on radio and television. Monika is a multi-lingualperformer, fluent in French and with a love forPersian music and culture. Monika is currently devoting the bulk of her time to bringing the beautiful songs of Iran to as many people as possiblewith her group NoorSaaz.

To those who know Pary Zanganeh, I am sure Monika will sound very much like her.


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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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