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August 13, 2006

Despite accepting the UN Resolution, Israel continues killing civilians in massive numbers

Leveling of the highrise buildings and...., scenes like this are common even after the UN resolution has been passed and accepted by Israel. Even CNN is practically forced to admit and show the devastations after the Israeli bombings of Beirut, the city of millions. And while you are watching this video, just pay attention to the barbaric fundamentalist Israeli forces who are busy praying to their god in the shadow of their guns, I wonder what kind of f**ked up god that is. See, it is not only Islamic fundamentalists who kill in the name of god, Israel Jewish fundamentalists too, are even busier killing in the name of god. Wouldn't it be better if these common stupidities of killing in the name of gods and religions would leave us all alone? Wouldn't it be better if religion leaves the human kind alone? Wouldn't it be better if religion would be kept personal and if not be put id a toilet bowl and have it flushed down?

Religion has always been a tool for conflicts, for killings, for devastations.... . Get it out of human to human interactions. Then, we will all have a better world.

Now, back to Israel's acceptance of the so-called cease fire, every single death caused by Israeli actions and bombings before and after the UN resolution, is a good and sufficient case to put the Israeli leaders on trials, such as the trial of the Nazi leaders at the Nuremburg.

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