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June 14, 2007

Palestinian internal conflict; Fatah vs Hamas

It is simple. Secular Fatah was in power; the so-called peace process with Israel was getting nowhere; Fatah was not getting the cooperation it needed from Israel; daily harassment of Palestinians by the Israeli occupiers was non-stop; But Fatah still insisted in the concept of peace with Israel; People were getting fed up of the talk of peace which was getting no results; Then there was election time; Being angry at Fatah who was still insisting on the necessity of peace with Israel while the Israeli harassment was ongoing; people voted for and elected Hamas who was not advocating Peace with Israel. Basically, Hamas came to power as a result of practically ineffectiveness of Fatah. But...

I am no fan of Hamas. As a matter of fact, I do believe that Hamas (just like any organization which is driven by the religious ideology) is more dangerous than any secular entity such as Fatah. But, who am I to decide for the Palestinians! Good or bad, right or wrong, Hamas was democratically elected by the Palestinians. But the hypocrite western countries who always claim to be the champions of democracy (along with the occupier Israel) , began not supporting Hamas and not recognizing it as the Palestinians' legitimate and democratically elected government. The money transfers stopped, harassments of the Palestinians continued; Some Hamas Members of the Parliament were arrested by the Israeli occupiers... and the world remained silent. The western countries, and particularly the United States kept denouncing Hamas and making things even more difficult for Hamas to govern. As a result of all these, things got to the point of explosion that we see now. Driven from the anger of the Palestinians towards the western countries and Israel, Hamas has continued being even more popular everyday and now..... . And now, they rule Gaza trip. They are extremely powerful. In short, Western countries and the US have screwed up again. I wonder. has there been anywhere that these jerks of Washington touched that hasn't been ruined? I don't think so.

Just one more point: Let's not forget that Hamas was indeed created by Israel to undermine Yaser Arafat's Fatah. They have now indeed achieved that goal.


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