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April 20, 2004

Israel's "democracy" doesn't let Vanunu speak of Israel's REAL WMDs (unlike Iraq's)

"Mordechai Vanunu, who is due to be released on Wednesday after serving 18 years in prison for revealing Israeli nuclear secrets, believes Israel's nuclear reactor near Dimona should be destroyed, according to newspaper reports.

Mr Vanunu also vowed to fight against Israeli curbs on his freedom after he is released, which include barring him from leaving the country, tapping his telephone and restricting his access to the media and foreigners.

Mr Vanunu was jailed as a traitor in 1986 after providing photographs and descriptions of the reactor where he worked to Britain's Sunday Times. He was lured by a female Mossad agent from London to Rome, where he was kidnapped back to Israel. He spent 11 of his 18-year prison term in solitary confinement." Read the rest here.

Also Haaretz reports that Venunu went on to slam the state. "There is no need for a Jewish state," he says, adding that a Palestinian state should be established instead where the Jews can also live.

And this is BBC's take on the issue.

Hey, Mr. Bush, You are looking for WMD? Right there, in Israel. Why not invade Israel?

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