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May 06, 2004

A show Vs reality

I don't usually watch TV shows, but apparently tonight the last and final episode of the show "Friends" was to be aired.

There was incredible amount of reaction to that by some people. I heard on radio where it was being reported about the reaction of many Americans to the show and how they felt about the show and its last episode tonight. Also, they were asking people how they wished the show to end.

Many of the interviewed people were so excited and were expressing their wishes for the last episode that you wouldn't believe. They were even giving in-depth "analysis" of why "this" should happen or why "that" should not happen., or who is right and who is wrong. One was saying, "I wish Richard gets back to Stacy" (I don't even know the names in the show: Richard here represents a male and Stacy is female and so on). One was saying that she hoped such and such would get married and go to Paris. Someone was hoping for such person to have his child back, or whatever (I don't even know if what I am saying here quite matches the story, but I didn't really care about the story, what was interesting to me was the reaction of the people.

Many sounded as their wishes were real. They sounded as how awful it would be if such a thing didn't happen and... and stupid analysis like that.

What they were not realizing was that it is just a show and it doesn't matter what they wish, whatever the director wants will happen and basically they are lending their brains and their intelligence to the director of the show to play with them and well, make a good money out of them too. .... And this is all happening while many people all over the world are dying, that many are being tortured right now just like the recent exposed torture of the Iraqis by their forces of "liberation", and that is not a show, it is real.

I was not sure if I was angry at those people or just felt sorry for them. But there was one thing I was sure about: something wasn't right with those excited people.

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