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May 10, 2004

Support the "Americans against war"

In addition to those Americans that I've had the privilege of knowing for quite some time, increasing number of Americans who are tired of the continued flow of bullshit from the current US administration, are speaking out against it. Yes, in the land where the people are "mostly busy with baseball/footbal, beer and Hollywood", they might still be the minority, but they do need our support. We need to tell them how much we appreciate their efforts.

Here is part of how Houston, another American with dignity and integrity, reacts to the whole issue of the recently exposed crimes of the US army in Iraq:

....We have become a force of occupation, brutal occupation. We are not going to withdraw tomorrow, so let's set some ground rules today.
1. A list of names of all prisoners, men and women. That list is to include the dates they were arrested and the suspicion upon which they were arrested. Can't say "charge" very well, can we?

2. Establish a procedure for prisoners to find out the charges against them. If we want to teach the Iraqis about democracy, let's begin by teaching them about habeas corpus. I know Bush and Ashcroft want to get rid of that in this country, but they haven't yet, and we're not going to let them. Whether by design or not, American forces are acting like Nazis in Iraq. That has to stop.

3. The President, Vice President and Sec. Cheney must stop using words that dehumanize the opposition forces in Iraq. The words thugs, hoodlums, terrorists, etc., contribute directly to the abuse of detainees. It's not rocket science, y'know. If the President calls them thugs, is this not permission to treat them like thugs?

This is a black-eye on our military, and on our country. Before the pictures were released, I would have said it was up to the accusers to prove their case. Now, it's up to us to prove that those pictures are not representative of how we are treating the Iraqis.

We deserve better leadership than this.

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