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May 19, 2004

Walk for Israel: walk for hate

A rightwing radio network in Toronto had a Breaking News today when it announced that at least 10 Palestinian civilians were killed when an Israeli helicopter targeted a crowd of 3000 protesters by a missile and a tank also fired onto the crowd. It also said at least 50 people were wounded from whom over 30 are in critical condition.

Also, BBC reported of Israel's firing on crowds in Gaza:
Israeli troops have opened fire during a protest by Palestinian demonstrators in the town of Rafah in southern Gaza. At least 10 people were killed and 60 injured, though some reports put the number of casualties higher.
Reuters news agency quoted the UN special human rights envoy in the Palestinian territories, John Dugard, as saying that the strikes were "war crimes" and amounted to collective punishment violating humanitarian and international human rights law.
Meanwhile the dishonest broker; George Bush the clawn whose own helicopters are reported today to have killed more than 40 civilians including many children, celebrating a wedding party in Iraq, called for restraint from both sides and said he had asked Israel for "clarification". I am sure he is already satisfied with the not-yet-issued "clarification".

Also, The Globe and Mail reported:
Palestinian witnesses saw a missile land in the middle of the crowd of 3,000 demonstrators, and Associated Press Television Network footage showed smoke and debris flying as a large explosion rocked the area. The footage then showed Palestinians carrying the wounded, including children, from the smoky scene.
Military sources said a helicopter and a tank fired one round each near the crowd after soldiers felt threatened.
Palestinian witnesses said that four missiles and four tank shells were fired, and that they also heard machine-gun fire from tanks.
Right after hearing this Breaking News at that Radio station, I heard an add which was inviting people to participate in a planed demonstration in the coming Sunday in Toronto. The motto of that demonstration:
"Walk for Israel, Walk against hate"
I then remembered the usual bul***it of "Israel does not target civilians". I also couldn't resist feeling that walking for Israel IS in fact "Walking for Hate". And also that the Zionists are the ultimate hypocrites of the modern time. Zionists are the cause of large portion of the hatred in our world. And as identified by the majority of the Europeans, the genocidal policies of the Israeli government, has made Israel the biggest threat to the security of the world and the biggest source of violence in our today world.

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