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May 17, 2004

Bush was "right", he "found" a couple of grams of nerve gas agents in Iraq!!!

Will Bush gang try to exploit this "huge discovery"?

It is said that small amount of nerve gas has been found in a shell inside a bag discovered by a US convoy a few days ago. This is one of those called road-side bombs. It is interesting that the US forces were unable to spot any of the road-side bombing bags before it was expolded, but exactly the rare one that they found contained something that would give the US General the opportunity to remind people of "existence" of WMD in Iraq.

This is just indicative of how desperate the US officials are to show that the WMD's did exist in Iraq. Like this would prove anything. First of all, it is very easy to plant even more amount of nerve gas somewhere in Iraq, and then pretend that it was "found". It is not a difficult task for the US, it is just a matter of making it believable, something that I will not be surprised if it happens. Secondly, even if this is true, that still proves nothing, as obviously the concerns about WMD, was about the massive existence of those weapons, not a couple of grams. Let's not forget we are talking about a country which used to have one of the largest stocks of Chemical and Biological weapons. That was of course when they felt free to use it against Iranian soldiers when Saddam was a buddy to then US officials, including many of the current ones.

Having said that, I am sure there are joys in the "Dark House" today and depending on the reactions from people, they might try to exploit this to their benefit.

Of course one might legitimatly argue that "there are weapons of mass destruction all over Iraq and they were used this past year". It is quite true, Iraqi children continue to find them every day; It is called Depleted Uranium which has been vastly used by the American forces in Iraq.

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